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“Activities we love fill us with energy even when we are physically exhausted. Activities we don’t like can drain us in minutes, even if we approach them at our physical peak of fitness”

(Ken Robinson, Ph.D. “The Element”)

Entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to keeping their records organized. Why? Because business owners, like artists, have to be creative in order to be recognized. They think 10 steps ahead, stay in pulse of the industry, strategize partnerships, invent schemes, negotiate rates, oversee markets, etc. They are busy looking for opportunities and creating value.

If you are one of them, caught by surprise at the tax season, give us a call.

KBB Solutions stands out for the quality work, top confidentiality, ethics and customized service.

We use QuickBooks™ to take care of your financial records, while you take care of growing your business. Stress-free, reliable, professional.

We will help you understand your business better by comparing profits from different activities; tracking all costs associated with a job; tracking outstanding bills to avoid late charges; budgeting to avoid problems with cash flow.

Make better decisions by understanding how you earn and spend your money.

Bookkeeping is our Element. We are here to organize, optimize and analyze your finances.